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Fairfield 1st Fridays Art Walk event for September

For the upcoming Fairfield 1st Fridays event, Art Walk will be sharing the weekend with FAIRfest! There will be food, artists, vendors and fun in Central Park for 3 days, as well as the FAIRfest activities all weekend.

On Friday night there will be entertainment in Central Park, but there will not be music in the gazebo, because there will be plenty of that on the FAIRfest stage and in other venues around the square.

Don’t miss seeing The Fairfield Tango Community, they have generously donated their time and talent for your enjoyment! The Fairfield Tango Community will hold a ‘Milonga’ (Tango Dance) from 8-10pm on Friday September 2nd at the Fairfield 1st Fridays Art Walk Event. They will be dancing Argentinian Tango, which is very different from Ballroom Tango. It is perhaps the most intimate and connected couple’s dance. They have a weekly Tango class and Milonga at Morningstar Studios (7:45pm on Mondays). So if you are inspired you can join their community and dance this special dance form with them.

There will also be lawn games, and plenty of fantastic vendors on the square. As always Fairfield1st Fridays Art Walk activities are free and open to the public.

Spend your holiday weekend enjoying great music, activities, food and art.

There will be many stores, art galleries and venues open, a few are listed below.

Americus Gallery-100 W. Burlington Ave. Gallery Hours: ArtWalk Friday 10 – 9, (normally Friday is 10 – 8),
Saturday 10 – 5. “Americus Gallery will be showing Christopher Kufner’s Large Format Photography on archival paper of the Tuscan Countryside, original oil paintings, featuring Italian/French Landscapes, and Figurative works. Also, showing original oil paintings by Kim Kufner, Original Pastel Farm Landscapes by Gordon Kellenberger, Art Glass Vases by David Lotton, Leaping Koi sculptures by Dale Divoky, and diochroic glass jewelry by Pedro Lujano.”

Arbor Bar- Main St. The Arbor will be hosting two free Fairfest after parties, beginning at 9pm on Friday and Saturday night. Friday – Dance Party featuring DJ’s Dom and Camille. Saturday – Midwest Music Showcase featuring Cubits, Christopher The Conquered, Nomadic Youth, and Stef Chura.

Art 52- 52 Briggs Ave. Stephan Whittle Paintings and Etchings 1993-2000 through October 13.

Central Park Futon- 56 S. Main St. For those who need a musical break we will be showing a film. To be determined — check the board at CENTRAL PARK (custom furnishings–gallery–studio).

Crest Jewel- 48 N. Main St. Continuing with The Blues at Crest Jewel! and (for this weekend) Call it Mellow Yellow, Open daily September 2nd – 4th and open late evenings after 7PM. Paintings by David Kupferman and Terrence Kennedy, Prints by Terrence Kennedy and Miriam Kasin.
Gems and Jewelry Sale On for the Weekend Clothing and Wraps too.

Fairfield Art Association- Located in the Civic Center September Art Walk & Weekend Open Hours when FACC is open. Main Gallery at FACC “Jewelry & Metal Art” by U of I artists, Stephanie Brohman, Trudi Starbeck-Miller, & Bethany Laranda Wood.
“Imaginative Little Libraries” displayed Downtown
Silent Auction Bids at FACC, Main Gallery Area.
“Lee Gobble Bronze Prototype”
by Christopher Bennett in Atrium Lobby at FACC
Wood Carving “Don Quixote” by John Schirmer
Hallway Gallery by FAA Studio

Fairfield Nutrition- 50 S. Main St. Will be closed, but check out their window display!!

Henderson’s Gallery & Framing- 53 W. Broadway Ave. A Photographic Exploration by M. Baraka

ICON Gallery- 58 N. Main St. Opening Sept 2nd — Charlotte Cain: Memorial Retrospective Exhibit Hours: Friday 6:30 – 10:00pm, Saturday 1:00 — 4:00pm

Thymely Solutions- 104 N. Court St. open from 9:30am-9:00pm on the 2nd of September. From 6pm-8pm Sarah Krone will be doing free neck and shoulder massages for our customers. We are also excited to be sampling CBD edibles- little truffle treats enhanced with our top selling CBD oil.

Revelations -112 N. Main St. Friday, Sept 2nd: 8AM – 9 PM, Saturday, Sept 3rd: 8AM – 4 PM, Sunday: closed. Artists: John Schirmer, paintings, Peter Clemens, yantras, Jennifer Blair, paintings.

Please check our website, for more details as the event approaches and the FAIRfest website, for the music line up for the weekend. If you have any questions please call or email Marla Brader at 641 233 8883 or .

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