Corporate SponsorshipFairfield First Fridays Art Walk, a non-profit 501(c)3, has established itself as Fairfield’s Signature Event. We are entering our 18th year as a statewide signature event. We are the only Event that happens every single month that consistently pulls 2500-4000 to the square every month during the summer events.

The first Art Walk was in August 2002 and was named A Fun Fest Gallery Walk. The event was such a success that Stacy Hurlin, founder, and the Fairfield arts community were inspired to begin the monthly Fairfield First Fridays Art Walk in October 2002. It has run every month going forward and has become larger, more diverse and creative and more populous attended with each passing year.

Fairfield First Friday Art Walk Mission is to Celebrate Creativity, Culture and Community.

  • CREATIVITY: To continue to develop Fairfield First Fridays Art Walk as a diverse celebration of all art forms: visual, performing, literary, film, ethnic and historical, accessible to all ages and cultures.
  • CULTURE: To continue to seek new ways to enhance Fairfield’s cultural community by creating arts-related employment, education, expression and development.
  • COMMUNITY: To enhance quality of live within the community of Fairfield through the facilitation of events that encourages individuals and organizations to collaborate and celebrate within the community. It has been through these events that Art Walk has become a significant contributor to Fairfield’s economic development by attracting visitors and tourism generating increased local spending; yet is another powerful way that Fairfield First Fridays Art Walk has impacted and improved the quality of the community.

Through Supporting Fairfield First Fridays Art Walk you support the Community!

Supporting Fairfield First Fridays Art Walk means supporting the community! We support the community by enhancing quality of life, encouraging creative expression and increasing economic growth through tourism. Every month our community and its visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the artistic expressions of local and regional talent and encourage the creative endeavors of individuals and organizations within and around our community.

Donating to Fairfield First Fridays Art Walk means donating to the entire community as we collaborate with diverse groups and organizations and encourage their active participation in monthly events. Art Walk is a continual representation of the diversity and creativity within our community. Over the last decade we have collaborated with the public and private schools, dozens of non-profit organizations, religious organizations, musicians, artists, dancers, performers and other businesses to create our signature events. We strongly collaborate with retail businesses on the square to ensure their continued success and maintain the strong positive financial impact that Fairfield First Fridays Art Walk has for this community.

To make sure this monthly signature event remains an important part Fairfield’s economic community throughout the entire year, the newly revitalized Board of Directors is finding new ways to contribute to the success of the art galleries, vendors and downtown shops while attracting participation from the Fairfield community and surrounding areas.

With their continued growth has come a desire from the Fairfield business community to get involved and help make the Fairfield First Fridays Art Walk an even greater success. With advice from top business leaders, a new Art Walk corporate sponsorship program has become available. Besides becoming a proud sponsor of Art Walk, the opportunity exists for a company to financially sponsor a specific Art Walk event.